Heart-Shaped Eyelash Box, Eyelash Paper Box

Regularly, heart-shaped eyelash box, paper lash box is designed with the shaped display window, convenient for you to see the lash styles inside without needing to open the lash box. These black heart-shaped paper lash packaging is selling well on Amazon. Different colors can be customized according to your requirements, and the heart-shaped window is covered by the holographic design, here are many different colors for you to choose. With private label, eyelash logo printing, we are happy to support your small lash business. Free paper eyelash packaging is provided, and please feel free to get your lash box now. 

Butterfly Paper Lash Box, Butterfly Paper Lash Boxes

This blue butterfly paper eyelash box is super beautiful, for you to store your favorite mink lashes, keep away the bacterias outside. China butterfly lash box is really popuar. The colors and butterfly design patterns are different, and you can pick the ones you desire. With private label printing, you can customize the butterfly paper lash box packaging for your brand, and we can provide FREE  butterfly lash box for your first order. For more details, please feel free to contact us anytime. Faux mink social buttery lash box can be cool. 

Glitter Paper Lash Box, Glitter Paper Eyelash Box

Glitter paper lash box is also trending lash box, and we have beautiful glitter paper eyelash packaging to store your favorite eyelashes. Different colors are available, the glitter is shinning and sparkling, and we have FREE glitter paper lash box for your first order. With private label, eyelash logo printing, you can get the customized paper lash box for your small lash business. Empty lash boxes are also provided based on your requirements. 

Sequin Paper Eyelash Packaging with Crescent Cutout Window

The custom paper eyelash packaging can be designed with different surfaces, these paper lash boxes are designed with the sequin glitter, also crescent shaped cutout window. Multiple colors are provided, you. You can get this well-designed paper lash box for your mink lashes storage. Of course, you can get empty paper lash boxes for your own lash business. We support private label printing for your lash brand. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us right now. 

Flash Glitter Paper Lash Box

The glitter paper lash packaging is varied in multiple styles, and this series of paper lash box packaging is designed with the flash surface. You can store your wholesale false lashes in the cheap glitter lash box made of premium qualified paper card. 

USD Dollar Paper Lash Packaging Box

The USD dollar paper lash packaging is the most popular paper lash packaging in the lash industry, and we have different colors, blue, pink and grey. Flexible for you to choose your desired money USD dollar paper eyelash box packaging. We can print your business name on the surface. 

Cartoon Girl Paper Lash Packaging

This is the paper lash box packaging, designed with the cartoon girl handle, cute and fashionable. You can try these if you are looking some paper lash packaging special and unique. I do believe your clients will love these!

Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Box With Glitter Paper

It’s flexible to customize the acrylic lash box with any design patterns, we can add the glitter paper as the background, to decorate your acrylic lash box to be much more beautiful. We have glitter paper with multiple colors, and also holographic paper. So you can get the creative acrylic lash boxes according to your own lash packaging ideas. You can get to know glitter eyelash packaging to get more inspirations. 

Empty Plastic Lash Box

The empty plastic push-pull plastic lash box is the most popular, made of transparent plastic material. Helpful for you to save your favorite false lashes inside,  away from the bacteria outside, and it is easy for you to open this plastic lash box. And we design beautiful paper background paper, with many styles. Including glitter paper, holographic paper, matte color paper, we use them to decorate the plastic lash box to be much more fashionable.