Why Volume Mink Lashes are the Future of Eye Makeup

Mink Lashes are becoming the go-to for false lashes. More and more makeup artists and lash users are switching to mink. Why? Because after you try them you can’t go back to synthetic ones. What’s all the hype about? We’re here to tell you.
Mink Lashes Look The Best
Yes, we know that’s a bold claim, but hear us out. Mink hair is the most similar lash material to the real human lash. It’s able to get a beautiful curl that gives your eyes a more lifted and dramatic look. Since mink hair is natural hair it has a very similar glossy sheen to real human lashes. Unlike coarse, blunt hair on synthetic lashes, it does a beautiful job blending right in with your natural lash line.

Why Are Mink Lashes So Comfortable
Mink lashes are probably the most comfortable lashes on the market and here’s why. Since the lash strips are made with real hair they are SO light and fluffy. Not only does this make them look incredible, it makes them super comfortable. Say goodbye to those heavy synthetic lashes that make your eyelids heavy and droopy. 



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